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Over thirteen years of experience in the professional boat lettering business as well as 3 decades of experience in the marine industries, Signs of Reilly has numerous satisfied clients spanned across all parts of the country and the world, who can vouch for our work. It is through the consistent attention to detail and customer service that we are proud to say we come highly recommended from of our past clientele. Simply put, we are your go-to source for unique boat graphics, yacht names, and an array of boat lettering. We take pride in our unmatched service that hinges on the policy of fair pricing, excellent customer service and fast turnaround times. Being one of the leaders of this industry, our highly-trained staff is dedicated 100% to ensuring that we supply both boaters and private yacht owners with exceptional lettering and custom boat graphics design. Place an order today with Signs of Reilly, or receive a free quote and let us transform your prized vessel with our superior lettering!

Here we have “Reel Estate” a gorgeous full transom wrap with gold leaf name with Graphics we did on this beautiful 48′ Viking Sport Fish!


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Here at Signs of Reilly we like most Floridans not only love admiring beautiful yachts, going to yacht parties or any other flashy Florida activities!

But we love to fish! Yes…thats probably our favorite hobby. See with fishing you can do it off of any vessel even a paddle board, or maybe off your dock in the backyard! This week one of our team members went out to her high and dry with her boyfriend to fix a couple items on their Mako – while he was working she grabbed her fishing rod and tossed out her gold spoon off the end of the dock towards a pile of rocks. She heard about the famous snook and always wanted to catch one, but has heard stories on how hard they were to catch (her boyfriend who has been fishing way longer then her never caught one!) So the wind was strong, she was worried she was going to get the gold spoon stuck in the shallow rocky area but she kept trying! BOOM she felt the bite! Second guessing herself she thought she snagged the bottom but there she felt the head shake and she started to reel while screaming to her boyfriend to come help! He screamed back and all she could yelp out was “FISH ON!” and then she saw she caught a snook!

Now it might not be the biggest snook but hey its a snook! All the stories and the conversations she will now be included, it is not a myth to her anymore. Someone said “first you catch your first snook then they keep getting bigger and bigger and thats the way it goes”

Snook are very tricky and what we have gathered is that they love anything with structure around them, they are in the middle of the food chain they like the structure to protect them from dolphins and such – the chill and attack their pray its a little lazy but we do the same thing when we decide to go for fast food haha! You can use any bait! Like we said earlier she used a gold spoon but you can use pin fish, sardines and artificial crab lures.

Hope you enjoy fishing as much as we do here at Signs of Reilly. We love to hear fishing stories and get any cool tips and tricks! We also love sharing our stories and tips and tricks!  Fish on folks! Until the next adventure!

Here are some facts about Snooks:

Large mouth with a protruding lower jaw

Jaw reaches below the rear portion of the eye

Sloping forehead

High dorsal fin that is divided

Black lateral line extends onto tail

Pelvic fin yellow in color

Up to 48 inches (50 pounds)

Inshore in coastal waters, including mangrove shorelines, seagrass beds, beaches and around structure.

Begin life as males, but between 18 and 22 inches long some become females. Form schools during spawning season.

Feed on fish and large crustaceans.

Cannot tolerate water temperatures below 60° F.

Can tolerate freshwater.

44 lb 3 oz, caught near Ft. Myers

They orient themselves to face moving water and wait for prey to be carried down the current. Snook jump clear of the water, and burst into long runs. Use live pinfish, small mullet, shrimp, or sardines free-lined or fished off the bottom with a fish finder rig. They take a large variety of lures based on water conditions. Beware of the snook’s razor-sharp gill covers! Snook make excellent table fare.


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Christopher Columbus sailing near the Dominican Republic, sees three “mermaids” in reality they were actually manatees he described them as “not half as beautiful as they are painted.” Six months earlier, Columbus set off from Spain across the Atlantic Ocean with the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, hoping to find a western trade route to Asia. Instead, his voyage, the first of four he would make, led him to the Americas, or “New World.”

Mermaids, mythical half-female, half-fish creatures, have existed in sea cultures at least since the time of the ancient Greeks. Depicted as having a woman’s head and torso, a fishtail instead of legs, mermaids live in the ocean and, according to some legends, can take on a human shape and marry mortal men. Mermaids are closely linked to sirens, another folkloric figure, part-woman, part-bird, who live on islands and sing seductive songs to lure sailors to their deaths.

Mermaid sightings by sailors, when they weren’t made up, were most likely manatees aka sea cows. Manatees are slow moving aquatic mammals with human-like eyes, big round faces and paddle like tails. It is likely that manatees evolved from an ancestor they share with the elephant. As adults, they’re typically 10 to 12 feet long and weigh 800 to 1,200 pounds. They’re plant-eaters, have a slow metabolism and can only survive in warm water.

Us Floridians definitely watch out for manatees, we respect their slow moving swim and have nothing but patience when we see one! If we see one and its moving so slow instead of getting annoyed we all marvel at their beauty! Just the other day we were doing a yacht sign installation on a beautiful catamaran and the owner of this vessel jumped in the water for a quick swim…..and boom at of no where this marvelous manatee decided he wanted a swimming buddy! We were all standing on the dock luckily caught it on camara!


Stainless Steel “M”

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Signs of Reilly has been a dealer and manufacturer of stainless steel lettering for the yachting industry for over a decade. With over 35 years in the marine industry makes Signs of Reilly uniquely qualified with designing, producing and installing custom lettering on your yacht. Owner Mike Reilly has a background in the marine field that spans over 3 decades and includes engineering as well as seamanship and holding a 2oo ton USCG Masters license for 20 years. Combine this with his dedication to his business and you will find few that will be as experienced in matching yacht signage to each individual yacht. With our lighted stainless steel lettering we use only the best #316 alloy stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish and either installed alone or with Signs of Reilly’s custom “plug and play” lighting system.


Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Lauderdale has its gorgeous beaches, amazing waterways attracting yachts from near and far.  Here in Ft Lauderdale we host one of the largest international boat show, it’s no wonder it’s considered the yachting capital of the world!

300 miles of inlets and coastal way you can cruise up and down with endless destinations!

Now lets talk about vessels! We have everything from sailboats, sport fishing boats & mega yachts, there are over 50,000 registered vessels in Fort Lauderdale alone!  We are home to over 100 marinas, boatyards, high and drys  and plenty of condos or homes on the water where you can have your boat slip right in your backyard!

Now all this talk about boats and yachts makes you think, right? You need a yacht name! We have a wide variety of names everything from ultra cool lighted signs or bold vinyl! One things for sure people from Ft Lauderdale  know how to name their vessels! What will you name yours? Give us a call we can help you design your dream boat name!

Twin Suzuki’s!

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Here we have custom Suzuki 300 matched decals on  twin cowlings we did for On Point Marine (after they refurbished them).

Another cool way to update your boats look! Have an all white boat? Give us a call we can add just a bit of color to make her pop! Have a color boat? We can custom match the cowlings!

Here is a little fun fact about Suzuki!

Hope you all enjoy!


The start of Suzuki products began in 1909 by Suzuki Loom Works in Japan. Suzuki Loom Works was organized in 1920 as Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co., the predecessor to Suzuki Motor Corporation. Since its foundation  Japan, Suzuki has defiantly grown and expanded.  With a wide variation of motor engines. Today, constantly going forward to meet changing lifestyles.

Suzuki products have been distributed in the United States since the 1960s.  Even though Suzuki stopped selling autos in the US market in 2012.

Tir na nOg

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Here we have a cool dock box we did for our clients – interesting name right? Well heres a little description of what this meaning is! Yacht life just got a bit more mystical!


Tír na nOg is depicted as an island paradise and supernatural realm of everlasting youth, beauty, health, abundance and joy. Various Irish mythical heroes visit Tír na nÓg after a voyage or an invitation from one of its residents. They reach it by entering ancient burial mounds or caves, by journeying through a mist, by going under water, or by traveling across the sea on an enchanted boat  It is the golden path made by the sun on the ocean.

Tír na nÓg is described as a beautiful place, but it is usually dangerous or hostile to human visitors – The women of Tír na nÓg are very beautiful and sometimes leave to visit mortal men.

There are cities and fortresses made of precious metals and feather thatch in Tír na nÓg, although their exact number is not clear. In some stories there is a flowered plane in or underneath the forested wilderness of Tír na nÓg.


Well gotta love a good ol’ Irish folk lore!

What would you name your boat? Give us a call, we can help you design any kinda style of yacht lettering!

Airplane Stripes

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Here we have an airplane we did last week!

This is a Cirrus SR20 and we had a great time applying her beautiful stripes along the side! Land, sea and now air folks! We do it all!

What a easy simple chic design! Really makes this aircraft stand out just a bit more!

We can do this for your boat too! Give us a call, we can help you design it!


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This week had the amazing pleasure of installing motor yacht MILLER TIME’s awesome lighted yacht sign! This yacht is a 52′ Sunseeker 2020

The LED’s can dance with a rainbow of colors (as video shows), dance with a solid color or it can be a solid color with plenty of color options to choose from! With stainless steel letters it would also look cool if you wanted to keep the lights off.

MILLER TIME is ready for the weekend and good ol’ South Florida fun!

Have a question about getting a light yacht sign? Please feel free to contact us – we are here to help achieve you yacht signage needs!


Imperial Sovereign

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Imperial Sovereign

An amazing vinyl yacht name we did on this great Sportfish Yacht.

The definition of this great boat name is ‘Relating to or suggestive of an empire on a sovereign, especially an emperor or empress: imperial rule; the imperial palace, Ruling over extensive territory’s and having supreme authority

Now it makes sense, doesn’t it!

This yacht the Sportfish, is known for sport fishing the hull is designed to go through any sea conditions and some are  even equipped with tournament fishing options. For instance some have kill boxes, tuna towers, live bait wells, ice makers & a tackle station! Two main reason to own a vessel like this are, deep water & huge fish!

The owner of this yacht means business! With a great yacht and a strong yacht name he is ready to take over the sea! We wish him & his crew “tight lines”!

Fish on Imperial Sovereign fish on!

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