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Howdy folks!

Well how is everyone holding up? Us over here at Signs of Reilly have been doing pretty well! These last couple weeks gave us the opportunity to plan for the future when this world resumes regular working schedules and we all can go back to a semi normal life again. Certain projects have been put on hold for us, but that just gave us the time to take time to finally take on projects we wanted to do but have been too busy for.

Of course we want to thank all the doctors, nurses, & medical professionals that are doing their absolute best to keep us all healthy and safe!

We truly are all in this together and we will all be ok! We cant wait to see you all thrive!

Now with all that being said….What have you guys been up to? Lots of boating or yachting we hope! We think its one of the BEST ways to social distance! We have been able to do a few yacht and boat names over the last couple weeks and here we have “HEIDI” a marvelous vinyl name we did on this great Grady White center console! Isn’t she a beauty?!

I bet their catching lots of fish! Tight lines HEIDI and everyone please stay safe and healthy!


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Hey folks! Hows everyone’s Tuesday going?

Hope you all survived Monday! We have been super busy with all kinds of projects everything to vinyl names and lighted yacht signs!

Speaking of….

Here we have “ladybird” a gorgeous light yacht sign we did last week! Her lights dance too, go check our Instagram for a cool little video we posted on Friday!

Ladybird is a stunning 50′ Princess Yacht – we bet she had a fun weekend showing her feathers off!

Just so you folks know Signs of Reilly has been a dealer and manufacturer of stainless steel lettering for the yachting industry for over a decade. With over 35 years in the marine industry makes Signs of Reilly uniquely qualified with designing, producing and installing custom lettering on your yacht. Owner Mike Reilly has a background in the marine field that spans over 3 decades and includes engineering as well as seamanship and holding a 2oo ton USCG Masters license for 20 years. Combine this with his dedication to his business and you will find few that will be as experienced in matching yacht signage to each individual yacht. With our lighted stainless steel lettering we use only the best #316 alloy stainless steel, polished to a mirror finish and either installed alone or with Signs of Reilly’s custom “plug and play” lighting system.

Give us a call for an estimate, we would be glad to help you achieve your dream name!

For now please have a look at this still shot we took of motor yacht “ladybird”

Lady Gray

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Well Happy Valentines Day folks!

Whatever you love we think its safe to say we at Signs of Reilly LOVE yachts, really we love the whole lifestyle…fishing, cruising and the salt water!

We also love our job and making clients happy like this beautiful yacht name we did last week motor yacht Lady Gray! Isn’t she a gem?! Its a lighted yacht sign we installed on this gorgeous 112′ Westport Yacht – if you’re on Instagram go check out our page, we put a video up of her!

We hear the Miami Yacht Show is in full effect, are you a broker? Don’t forget to mention us when you sell that beautiful yacht to your client! Are you a buyer? Here at Signs of Reilly can help you design the yacht name of your dreams! Just give us a call and we can start working on a draft for you!

Well we hope everyone has a great Valentines Day and an awesome weekend full of love and laughs! Now please  enjoy Lady Gray!


Another beautiful boot stripe!

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Ah the ever beautiful boot stripe….

Here at Signs of Reilly we do many boot stripes – its an easy way to enhance your vessel!

Here we have sleek sharp stripes on this gorgeous 25′ Pursuit boat, we actually did this beauty last week!

They are cruising in style whether it be sport fishing in the beautiful waters of South Florida or just doing a drive by at the sand bar! Whatever it may be – we know they look cool doing it! The good old South Florida way!

Do you like the look?  You can redefine the exterior of your boat with our high quality boot stripes too!

Here at Signs of Reilly there is no limit for what length size boot stripe! Whether is be a tender or a mega yacht we can handle the job, we use the best tools and talent in our industry and stand behind our excellent customer service!

For a free quote for your boot stripe, place a request with Signs of Reilly and we look forward to transforming your vessel!

Now please enjoy this beautiful 25′ Pursuit boat we did last week!


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Hello folks!

Well today is Thursday and as many of you know we love a good “Throwback Thursday” we have done countless beautiful yacht/boat names over the years we have SO many great jobs we want to share with you and soon we will be it will be  “Throwback Thursday” everyday on this site haha!

Anyways today we are sharing a beautiful lighted yacht sign we did back in 2016 on a gorgeous 45′ Pursuit Yacht her name is “ICEBERG” kinda funny how we are located in sunny South Florida! But as marine folks can be, very funny! We love our jokes and puns!

Here is a little fun fact about icebergs we looked up online!

An iceberg is a large piece of fresh water ice that has broken off a glacier or an ice shelf and is floating freely in open salt water. Small bits of disintegrating icebergs are called “growlers” or “bergy bits” (first time we heard that! Good to know!) 

Much of an iceberg is below the surface which led to the expression “tip of the iceberg” to illustrate a small part of a larger unseen issue. Icebergs are considered a serious marine hazards! Lets not forget the movie Titanic! Yikes.

The actual word “iceberg” is translated from Dutch meaning ice mountain. Also icebergs can be compared in size of Manhattan, yes they can be that big.

An iceberg will flip in the water as it melts and breaks apart because gravity continually pulls the heavier side downward. Most flipping occurs when the iceberg is young and establishing balance. Flipping can occur anytime and without warning. Large icebergs that flip can give off as much energy as an atomic bomb and produce earthquakes – another OH MY in our mind while reading this!

Ok well now that we got the fun facts out of the way – please enjoy this light yacht sign we did below….ICEBERG!

Hope you enjoy folks, until next time!


My Tammera

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Well folks that’s a wrap! 2019 was an amazing year! We did so many jobs, made new friends and at the moment we are super busy building new yacht names for new clients and returning clients! Like we always say – we love our job and take a lot of pride in our work! Like most of you we go out to eat at local restaurants on the water and we see our work cruising down the inter-coastal….its a great feeling and makes us very grateful for everyone that trusts us to puts their beautiful vessels in our hands!

All our jobs in 2019 were awesome! Everything from floating dock signs for FLIBS (Ft Lauderdale Boat Show) to boot stripes, we enjoyed them all & thank our clients! Ok for our last highlight of 2019 we bring you …
-My Tammera- amazing stainless steel with navy blue backing we did on this gorgeous 112’ Westport Yacht

Isn’t she a beauty?!

Once again we want to thank all our clients and friends for the continued support & we look forward to an awesome 2020! Cheers folks Happy New Year!

Lee Lou

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Well its January 2nd! Can you believe 2050 is as far away as 1990?! That was just a little fun fact we read today!

Hope everyone is having a good year so far! We know for many today you had to go back to work! We did too but we love it – pretty yachts and boats is our “office”

Anyways…we are still going on with our favorite yacht signs from 2019 – just one more day and that will be that! Make sure you swing by tomorrow to see our grand finale! But for now please enjoy LEE LOU!

Our forth favorite job in 2019 is….
-Lee Lou- gorgeous stainless steel name we did with cool LED’s back in July on this beautiful 44’ Fountain Pajot Yacht

Hope you enjoy!

Dream Catcher

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Happy New Years Eve! WOW 2019 went fast!

Cheers to a happy and healthy 2020!

Here at Signs of Reilly we will continue our favorite yacht signs we did in 2019 until Friday!

The second day of our favorite jobs from 2019 we deliver….
-Dream Catcher- a stunning custom design name we did in 22kt gold leaf vinyl on this superb 108’ Burger sportfish! Isn’t she a beauty?!  All though we love lighted yacht signs we also love a traditional vinyl and the 22kt gold just gives it that bit a class that any boat should have!

From the entire staff at Signs of Reilly  we wish you a Happy New Year and stay safe! We will be back online tomorrow!


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This week we wanted to highlight some of our favorite jobs we did for 2019!  Starting the week we have… 🔹LATINA2UDE🔹 an awesome lighted name we did on this amazing 62’ Princess!

How fast a year goes by! We have been so grateful for all our clients! Also that we are still able to do what we love in an industry that we love! Yachts & boats have been in our bones for many years and we will never take for granted our “office views” and we are also so happy to bring our clients visions and dream to reality!

Check back all week as we will be blogging a few of our favorite yacht names we have done in 2019!

Who’s getting ready for the new year 2020?

We sure are! But until then lets take a look back at 2019! Cheers!


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Here we have a beautiful lighted yacht sign we did a few days ago on this stunning Maritimo Yacht!

We dont like picking favorites BUT this is a beauty!

Whats the name of your yacht?!

What makes us unique from any other yacht lettering company in South Florida? We have been making vessel sign lettering in South Florida for over a decade and have worked with some of the finest owners around the world, from small vessels to grand. Each client receives the same attention to detail which keeps our clients consistently coming back as they upgrade their yachts.

For decades of experience in the marine industry helps us better understand any challenges that may arise from design, production and or installation of our projects. In all of our jobs we use the finest materials from high performance vinyl that’s used on a daily basis, to the American made steel that goes into our premium lighted names. All this plus our team of professionals will make our business the best for your yacht needs.

Now please take a moment and admire this beauty!