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Howdy Folks!

We hope you are all continuing to stay safe and healthy during COVID19

We are still maintaining to all the guidelines and have been very busy making vinyl lettering for sport fishing boats or lighted yacht signs for these amazing mega yachts. BUT no matter what is going on in the world we always have Hurricane Season. Like most of you that fall under the hurricane season map we keep a close eye on all the storms, luckily these last two storms just missed us here in South Florida sadly one of them Hurricane Laura is making her way to the New Orleans area and our thoughts are with them!

Now speaking of hurricanes we got to talking in the office and one of the most talked about hurricane was Hurricane Andrew which destroyed South Florida 28 years ago! One of our employees recalls her story she was 12yrs old at the time….

“…We just moved into our new house in Pompano Beach,Florida from Seattle, Washington. I never heard of a hurricane I only ever grew up with earthquake drills. I remember my mom and dad watching the news and my mom writing down what is recommend to buy during a hurricane batteries,candles, canned food, water etc.etc. Well while my dad is boarding up the house (thankfully we bought it & it already had shutters in the shed) My mom, sister & I go to the grocery store and my little 12yr old mind was blown….there was NOTHING left on the shelves! No water no canned anything! We did manage to get a few items and cook them that day and we could eat cold something like pasta salad. As for the water my mom went to Home Depot and bought a garbage can. We came home and filled every container in our home with water and yes even that garbage can! I will never forget this feeling of filling up sandwich bags and freezing them. So you better believe I have a hurricane box well stocked and plenty of water and containers during hurricane season.”

Funny what we remember, luckily her family and home had minimal damage and successfully braved their first hurricane! Now in closing we want to tell everyone to remain safe and prepared! We will catch up with you folks soon!


Hello August

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Howdy folks!

Everyone doing ok since that tropical storm Isaias? We hear now it might turn into a hurricane by the time it gets to the Carolinas! Yikes!

We held up just fine just a little bit of not fun weather but we hunkered down. Anyways we’ve been really busy this summer! We have done everything from live bait wells, stickers and boot stripes along with lighted yacht names and vinyl yacht names!

Also we have been busy with our new acquisition a beautiful router, well maybe its not “beautiful” but it is in our eyes haha! We are still in the works of building her up and it will be about a month before shes all pieced together but we are so excited to get it on the work floor! We will get back to you on this subject on another day.

For now we will want to share this amazing boot stripe repair we did on this gorgeous 54′ Bertram Yacht – check this beauty out! So bold, so beautiful!



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Howdy folks!

Well we hate to sound like a broken record over here but once again busy busy at Signs of Reilly!

So many boat and yacht names to be made and installed! We’re not complaining though!

Aside from boat and lighted yacht signs we are however a sign company, we can and will do other forms of signage. We even do stickers! Speaking of stickers here is a little fun fact, did you know he first “sticker” has been dated back to the early Egyptian days?! Yep that’s right historians and archaeologists have found them on old Egyptian walls and pyramids they say the “stickers” glue was animal based glue and the stickers were advertising prices of goods like food and supplies!

Now a days we just get an email or a flyer in the mail from Publix haha!

Well here at Signs of Reilly we do make stickers and its one thing that never seems to go out of style! Stickers are an awesome way to promote/advertise! We just did a bunch of them for a fishing team! We think stickers would also be an awesome way to promote your fishing charter boat r just a regular yacht charter! Lets keep stickers alive and put them on your Yeti cooler or your Yeti cups! Just have fun and if you need custom stickers you know where to come and get them!

For now peep these awesome stickers we just made – hot off the press!

White Pearl

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Hello folks!

Happiest Wednesday to you all!

We have a fun historical fact for you all today! As you all know manufacture yacht signs of all kinds and we get some spectacular name requests! Today’s name is “White Pearl” so we went to work and made this beautiful stainless steel name on this gorgeous Bennington QXSBA25 and shipped it all the way on the west coast – California! Did you know that we can ship you any name from vinyl and stainless steel!? Well we can!

Isn’t that just amazing! We live in an area of time where we don’t even think about “snail mail” but at one point America didn’t even have it! Yep that’s right, United States  1775 was the year the US postal service established by the Second Continental Congress with Ben Franklin as its first postmaster general! Folks 1775?! Anyways we are here in the good old year 2020 where we look at sending a letter the silliest thing, when we can just jump online and type away an email!

But we are not so far into the future where we can send you a stainless steel yacht sign SO lets be grateful for the United States Postal Service and all their hard work!

For now please enjoy this beautiful picture our client in California sent us of their completed sign we made installed!


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What’s going on folks!

Everyone having a good week? Happy Thursday! Just one more day for relaxation!

As our last few post mentioned, we are still rocking and rolling BUSY over here at Signs of Reilly!

Summer time, loads of people buying new boats and adding names to their new babies! Speaking of names we did this beautiful stainless steel yacht lettering on this stunning 112 Westport yacht yesterday – isn’t she a beauty?!

Well as no shock we have done hundreds of yacht signs with someones personal name whether it be a grandma, mom, wife, girlfriend or daughter. Hannah is indeed a beautiful name and we decided to look up the meaning of it! So what we found is that its meaning is “grace” or ‘favor” or in the meaning of “He has favored me a child” SO with that understanding we thought maybe to this awesome client they were going somewhere a little deeper – like “he has favored me a yacht”! Ha Ha! One can only guess but it was a fun thought!

With over thirty five years in the marine industry we are uniquely qualified with designing, producing, and installing custom lettering on your yacht! If you or someone you know is looking into some yacht signage – please feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call!

For now please enjoy this beautiful stainless steel name we did Hannah!


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Howdy Folks!

Happy Friday! Well can you all believe its already the forth of July?! We sure cant!

Since this pandemic we luckily have been pushing through! All of our health is good and we are following all the guidelines to remain this way! We have remained busy because of social distancing people are buying boats and yachts and you cant have a new vessel without a name!  We actually just saw a report on the news about how yacht/boat brokers are running out of inventory! With gas prices being so low and mandated social distancing – why not buy a boat/yacht! In that same report they said RVs are selling out fast!

We are very busy and thankful to stay this way for all these months! Now tomorrow is the forth of July! Where does the time go?! Anyhow we will be off tomorrow going out on the boat maybe some light fishing and then a small family BBQ. We are going to try to relax this weekend because we have a super busy week coming up!

In the mean time we wanted to share this gorgeous vinyl lettering we did on this beautiful 46′ Beneteau we did for Yacht Management in Ft Lauderdale! We will be back next week to show you some awesome lighted yachts signs we did this past week, stay tuned folks and everyone please have a very safe and Happy Fourth of July!

Business signage – Full Sail Marine

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Howdy folks!

Hows everyone doing on this great Tuesday?!

Wow! We are busy! With this whole social distancing practice many people are turning to RV’s and boats! Well, when you get a new toy you gotta get jazz it up! We haven’t done any RV’s but many yachts/boats! We’ve been doing all kinds of lettering, from lighted LED’s to 24kt vinyl.

But today we wanted to remind you all that even though a bulk of our work is yacht lettering or boat lettering, we still do business signs of all variety! Here we have Full Sail Marine perfect classic signage!

We understand your business sign is the first thing that your potential clients come across even before they decide whether or not to spend money at your premises. Therefore, we know it pays to spend a little more time and effort crafting an impressive business sign for your storefront than your competitors. Your unmatched customer service ought to be complemented by a presentable, uniquely designed and consumer-appealing business sign.

We’re experts in the industry and deliver tangible results to your business. One of our professionally designed and constructed signs will enhance your business. No matter what industry your in, we will help you find the perfect sign style for your business.
In line with this, our signage enterprise is built on the provision of top-notch, excellent  business signs to our clientele. Our outdoor signs are proven to be quite useful in not only directing visitors to your premises but also creating an illusion of quality and excellence around your business. Otherwise, well-designed business signs are also a cheaper, cost-effective and durable advertising alternative to the more expensive, yet less efficient conventional forms of marketing. To transform your enterprise today with Signs of Reilly, call or email us for a free quote and let us handle the rest.

So for now have a peek at this beauty…..

Less Miserable

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Howdy folks!

Hows everyone hanging on these days?

Well despite everything going on in the world over here at Signs of Reilly we are still pushing forward staying safe and healthy (& we hope you are all too!) & very busy!

SO ever heard about that play Les Miserables? It premiered back in 1980 in Paris its a pretty popular musical if you haven’t heard about go check it out! Its a good ol’ revenge story, ok ok anyways lets get to the point…

Boaters if there’s one thing about us we have great humor! We all see these amazing yacht signs and boat lettering with some hysterical names! We also see the cute ones, the ones we don’t really get and have to Google it, the smart ones, the classy ones and then ever once in a blue moon you come across a yacht/boat name and get the pun, well whatever our clients story is let us tell you his yacht name is spot on!

Instead of Les Miserables its Less Miserable HA! Couldn’t that be the truth! Everyone is always less miserable on a yacht or boat in our minds! We know we are, anytime on the water is a good time! Ok so here is this awesome vinyl lettering we did on this gorgeous 32′ Hydra Sport in Ft Lauderdale yesterday – isn’t she a beauty!

Hope you all stay safe and healthy, until next folks!

We can help you inform your clients!

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Howdy folks!

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a good weekend? We sure did! Still pretty busy down here in South Florida with social distancing being a major part of staying healthy and with ‘Ft Lauderdale being the yachting capital of the world” of course were busy making gorgeous stainless steel names, vinyl names and yep you guessed it lighted yacht signs!

BUT as a sign company we don’t just do marvelous boat or yacht signs we also do a lot regular signs for marinas, docks, and private charters! As of recently we have had a high demand for signs to help these businesses inform their clients with closed to the public, keeping six feet apart and face mask required (as you see below)

We did these signs last week for our friends over at HMY Yachts. As businesses start to slowly reopen to the new normal, we understand the importance of keeping everyone informed and we are here to help! We are a sign company no job is too big or small for us folks!

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy – many companies have been saying this “we are all in this together” which is the absolute truth! Even as things start to slowly open – its all very strange and we feel exactly how you feel. Nothing we can do but push through and know we are all trying are best to get through this!

For now please have a look at these beautiful signs and don’t be afraid to contact us if you need signs!

All the best folks!

Window Refurbished! On a budget…

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Howdy folks!

How is everyone doing these days?

We are all still good, healthy and pushing along! Also still pretty busy! Summer (well its always summer here down in sunny South Florida haha) is just around the corner! Many locals have taken a big interest these days especially with a lot of quarantining and self isolation on fixing up their yachts and boats, because hey can we all agree being out on the water is the BEST social distancing we can imagine!

We have done a little bit of everything from vinyl names, boot stripes, stainless steel names to stainless steel with lighted yacht signs the last couple weeks! Which brings us to what we are going to show you below! We have even done window vinyls! Yes you heard us correctly! See sometimes the boat or yacht windshield gets a little too much wear and tear and the paint chips off….most of the time owners just replace the window but that can be a bit pricey so we came up with this genius idea of covering the chipped paint with vinyl and it holds up really well, also too the price point is much easier on your wallet! Why go out and buy a whole new windshield when you can just give us a call! Its a very simple application and is done in a day!

Here are some pictures to show you, the first one is the finished result and the others are in process of the application – pretty cool huh?!

Do you have an idea for something special for you yacht or boat? Just ask us – it never hurts to run an idea past us we love to be creative and innovative here at Signs of Reilly!

Also don’t forget we do any job big or small! Need your cowlings done? We got you! Need that life preserver with your vessels name? Yep we can do that too folks!

Ok hope you all stay well and we will be back to show some more of our work soon!

Oh and also tight lines folks!