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By July 30, 2020September 11th, 2023blog

Howdy folks!

Well we hate to sound like a broken record over here but once again busy busy at Signs of Reilly!

So many boat and yacht names to be made and installed! We’re not complaining though!

Aside from boat and lighted yacht signs we are however a sign company, we can and will do other forms of signage. We even do stickers! Speaking of stickers here is a little fun fact, did you know he first “sticker” has been dated back to the early Egyptian days?! Yep that’s right historians and archaeologists have found them on old Egyptian walls and pyramids they say the “stickers” glue was animal based glue and the stickers were advertising prices of goods like food and supplies!

Now a days we just get an email or a flyer in the mail from Publix haha!

Well here at Signs of Reilly we do make stickers and its one thing that never seems to go out of style! Stickers are an awesome way to promote/advertise! We just did a bunch of them for a fishing team! We think stickers would also be an awesome way to promote your fishing charter boat r just a regular yacht charter! Lets keep stickers alive and put them on your Yeti cooler or your Yeti cups! Just have fun and if you need custom stickers you know where to come and get them!

For now peep these awesome stickers we just made – hot off the press!

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