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By August 25, 2020September 11th, 2023blog

Howdy Folks!

We hope you are all continuing to stay safe and healthy during COVID19

We are still maintaining to all the guidelines and have been very busy making vinyl lettering for sport fishing boats or lighted yacht signs for these amazing mega yachts. BUT no matter what is going on in the world we always have Hurricane Season. Like most of you that fall under the hurricane season map we keep a close eye on all the storms, luckily these last two storms just missed us here in South Florida sadly one of them Hurricane Laura is making her way to the New Orleans area and our thoughts are with them!

Now speaking of hurricanes we got to talking in the office and one of the most talked about hurricane was Hurricane Andrew which destroyed South Florida 28 years ago! One of our employees recalls her story she was 12yrs old at the time….

“…We just moved into our new house in Pompano Beach,Florida from Seattle, Washington. I never heard of a hurricane I only ever grew up with earthquake drills. I remember my mom and dad watching the news and my mom writing down what is recommend to buy during a hurricane batteries,candles, canned food, water etc.etc. Well while my dad is boarding up the house (thankfully we bought it & it already had shutters in the shed) My mom, sister & I go to the grocery store and my little 12yr old mind was blown….there was NOTHING left on the shelves! No water no canned anything! We did manage to get a few items and cook them that day and we could eat cold something like pasta salad. As for the water my mom went to Home Depot and bought a garbage can. We came home and filled every container in our home with water and yes even that garbage can! I will never forget this feeling of filling up sandwich bags and freezing them. So you better believe I have a hurricane box well stocked and plenty of water and containers during hurricane season.”

Funny what we remember, luckily her family and home had minimal damage and successfully braved their first hurricane! Now in closing we want to tell everyone to remain safe and prepared! We will catch up with you folks soon!


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