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White Pearl

By July 15, 2020September 11th, 2023blog

Hello folks!

Happiest Wednesday to you all!

We have a fun historical fact for you all today! As you all know manufacture yacht signs of all kinds and we get some spectacular name requests! Today’s name is “White Pearl” so we went to work and made this beautiful stainless steel name on this gorgeous Bennington QXSBA25 and shipped it all the way on the west coast – California! Did you know that we can ship you any name from vinyl and stainless steel!? Well we can!

Isn’t that just amazing! We live in an area of time where we don’t even think about “snail mail” but at one point America didn’t even have it! Yep that’s right, United States  1775 was the year the US postal service established by the Second Continental Congress with Ben Franklin as its first postmaster general! Folks 1775?! Anyways we are here in the good old year 2020 where we look at sending a letter the silliest thing, when we can just jump online and type away an email!

But we are not so far into the future where we can send you a stainless steel yacht sign SO lets be grateful for the United States Postal Service and all their hard work!

For now please enjoy this beautiful picture our client in California sent us of their completed sign we made installed!

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