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By July 9, 2020September 11th, 2023blog

What’s going on folks!

Everyone having a good week? Happy Thursday! Just one more day for relaxation!

As our last few post mentioned, we are still rocking and rolling BUSY over here at Signs of Reilly!

Summer time, loads of people buying new boats and adding names to their new babies! Speaking of names we did this beautiful stainless steel yacht lettering on this stunning 112 Westport yacht yesterday – isn’t she a beauty?!

Well as no shock we have done hundreds of yacht signs with someones personal name whether it be a grandma, mom, wife, girlfriend or daughter. Hannah is indeed a beautiful name and we decided to look up the meaning of it! So what we found is that its meaning is “grace” or ‘favor” or in the meaning of “He has favored me a child” SO with that understanding we thought maybe to this awesome client they were going somewhere a little deeper – like “he has favored me a yacht”! Ha Ha! One can only guess but it was a fun thought!

With over thirty five years in the marine industry we are uniquely qualified with designing, producing, and installing custom lettering on your yacht! If you or someone you know is looking into some yacht signage – please feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call!

For now please enjoy this beautiful stainless steel name we did Hannah!

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