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Less Miserable

By June 16, 2020September 11th, 2023blog

Howdy folks!

Hows everyone hanging on these days?

Well despite everything going on in the world over here at Signs of Reilly we are still pushing forward staying safe and healthy (& we hope you are all too!) & very busy!

SO ever heard about that play Les Miserables? It premiered back in 1980 in Paris its a pretty popular musical if you haven’t heard about go check it out! Its a good ol’ revenge story, ok ok anyways lets get to the point…

Boaters if there’s one thing about us we have great humor! We all see these amazing yacht signs and boat lettering with some hysterical names! We also see the cute ones, the ones we don’t really get and have to Google it, the smart ones, the classy ones and then ever once in a blue moon you come across a yacht/boat name and get the pun, well whatever our clients story is let us tell you his yacht name is spot on!

Instead of Les Miserables its Less Miserable HA! Couldn’t that be the truth! Everyone is always less miserable on a yacht or boat in our minds! We know we are, anytime on the water is a good time! Ok so here is this awesome vinyl lettering we did on this gorgeous 32′ Hydra Sport in Ft Lauderdale yesterday – isn’t she a beauty!

Hope you all stay safe and healthy, until next folks!

Erica Selma

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