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Window Refurbished! On a budget…

By May 12, 2020September 11th, 2023blog

Howdy folks!

How is everyone doing these days?

We are all still good, healthy and pushing along! Also still pretty busy! Summer (well its always summer here down in sunny South Florida haha) is just around the corner! Many locals have taken a big interest these days especially with a lot of quarantining and self isolation on fixing up their yachts and boats, because hey can we all agree being out on the water is the BEST social distancing we can imagine!

We have done a little bit of everything from vinyl names, boot stripes, stainless steel names to stainless steel with lighted yacht signs the last couple weeks! Which brings us to what we are going to show you below! We have even done window vinyls! Yes you heard us correctly! See sometimes the boat or yacht windshield gets a little too much wear and tear and the paint chips off….most of the time owners just replace the window but that can be a bit pricey so we came up with this genius idea of covering the chipped paint with vinyl and it holds up really well, also too the price point is much easier on your wallet! Why go out and buy a whole new windshield when you can just give us a call! Its a very simple application and is done in a day!

Here are some pictures to show you, the first one is the finished result and the others are in process of the application – pretty cool huh?!

Do you have an idea for something special for you yacht or boat? Just ask us – it never hurts to run an idea past us we love to be creative and innovative here at Signs of Reilly!

Also don’t forget we do any job big or small! Need your cowlings done? We got you! Need that life preserver with your vessels name? Yep we can do that too folks!

Ok hope you all stay well and we will be back to show some more of our work soon!

Oh and also tight lines folks!

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