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By October 18, 2019September 11th, 2023blog

What is a yacht name? Why? Who? What? Where? & How?

Well we have names for everything as humans don’t we? We name our kids, our dogs, house plants so why NOT name your beautiful yacht or boat! Mostly you always want a stand out name, a name someone will remember – yacht and boat owners tend to do “word plays” on names but last week we did a name that got us thinking a little bit….the name was Egarim.  We looked it up and only one thing came up that would make sense (to us) Egarim is mirage backwards! Ha! You learn something new everyday folks! Even if that isnt the reason of this beautiful yachts name we still think thats pretty cool!

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Happy Friday folks, heres a couple pictures we took of the beautiful vessel Egarim

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