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Name Board

By August 13, 2019September 11th, 2023blog

Bayou – A – Bud

Here is a fantastic name board we did for a gorgeous Grand Banks trawler


Naming boats has been a tradition for many years and it was originally based all on fear! Something always bad seemed to happen with unnamed boats… they say.

It was a safeguard you see, some Christians would name their boats after saints while originally boats were named after sea gods for protection. It all also could have started with sailors believing in ancient gods then switched to goddesses which leads us to the present, as most magnificent vessels are named after a close, strong female in the life of an owner.

Whatever the case may be now a days you can name your boat whatever you like! Over the years here at Signs of Reilly we have seen some spectacular names! What would you name your boat? Give us a can we can help you design it! Whether its a cool name board like this, a vinyl name or a awesome lighted yacht sign we are here for you!

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