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One of the most exciting things about owning a boat or yacht with our company SignsofReilly is that you can brand or name it as you wish. Unlike other possessions that we cannot easily customize, you can put your name or that of your company on your latest gem easily and quickly without necessarily marring its beauty. You can do this through the more traditional ‘wet method or opt for, the less mainstream ‘dry’ method. Even before we delve into the specifics of these two approaches, here is a quick primer on some of the things that you ought to know about these two vinyl boat lettering service methods with our company.

1. For starters, the ‘wet’ approach is best reserved for longer names of larger graphics. These are those massive letterings that could go on a transorm. Generally speaking, if the distance from the middle of the name to one of the edges in greater than the length of your arm, you might want to go for the ‘wet’ method. And while at it, you might also want to enlist some help from a helping hand.

2. Secondly, the ‘dry’ method/approach works best fro smaller ports of calls, letters, and minuscule registration numbers.

3. Regardless of the method that you choose to go with, you will need a tape measure, a good ruler, glass cleaner, pin/razor, paper towels, and, of course, the squeegee that was shipped with the letters/graphics. On the other hand, the ‘wet’ approach calls for spray bottle filled with dish soap mixed water ( three drops per two cups of water ). The dry method needs an extra pair of scissors.

4. You will have better results with the wet method if the temperatures outside range between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The dry method, on the other end of the spectrum, can work with anything above 45 degrees. For both lettering approaches, the initial step has to be cleaning up the surface on which the lettering/graphics label is to be placed using a glass cleaner. This ought to be done thoroughly and the area completely dried using a paper towel.

5. Wrap your car, boat or anything and make it look like a million bucks. We can do all sort of boat and car wraps with your favorite graphics and wrapping. Make anything stand out and look like a new paint job by letting us wrap over your boat or car.

After this, you can start.

A. The Wet Method

It heavily banks on the application of graphics onto the yacht’s surface then spraying it with a mixture of soap and water and allowing the combination to dry on its own. Remember that the spray is meant to aid you in sliding the graphics or letters around for easy placement. As long as the letters and numbers are sufficiently wet, the letters will slide into position easily. In addition to this, once these letters are in place, remember to squeegee them to get rid of the excess water and air trapped under the vinyl.

B. The Dry Method

The dry method is just but another name for conventional approach of masking letters/graphics on a clean surface using a masking tape, them pulling the paper backing off once the whole assembly is in place. That being said, make sure that you get rid off the center line tape first before the rest of the backing. Otherwise, it is advisable to do away with the transfer line by peeling it out gently rather than yanking it off the boat. The latter can easily lift off the letters thus ruining the entire process.


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