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By September 27, 2019September 11th, 2023blog

“Signs of Reilly” says it all doesn’t it?!  Well its true us over here at Signs of Reilly we do a variety of signs everything from helicopters to yachts and all in between. This year as in previous years we help a lot with signs displaying any and everything regarding yachts for the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show! This year we are working  with a few yacht companys  but as the picture below shows we made these “boarding” signs for Ferretti Group in Ft Lauderdale they represent Custon Line, Pershing, Wally and Riva.

We do it all folks! We can even put a sign on your car!

Heres a some fun facts about signs;

The main purpose of signs is to communicate, to convey information designed to assist the receiver with decision-making based on the information provided (IE- “oh I’m hungry, I want pizza” proceeds to look for a pizza sign while driving.) Alternatively, promotional signage may be designed to persuade receivers of the merits of a given product or service. Signage is distinct from labeling, which conveys information about a particular product or service.

The use of commercial signage has a very ancient history! Retail signage and promotional signs appear to have developed independently in the East and the West. In antiquity, the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks were known to use signage – how cool is that!!!

Some of the earliest signs were used informally to denote the membership of specific groups, to denote their religious affiliations. 

Just a couple things to learn about today! Call us, we can help you get any kinda sign you want!

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